How I Discovered What’s Truly Within my Control and You Can Too with this Framework

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing!”

A hilarious take by the great Billy Connolly. It’s funny because it’s true — well, at least if you live in the West of Ireland. But he provides an interesting perspective on life.

It makes you think.

What can we control?

Certainly not the weather. But we can choose to wear a raincoat when it rains. That’s well within our control.

Which brings me to one of the best pieces of advice I ever received.

Many years ago I experienced panic attacks. After one particular episode, I ended up at an out of hours doctor. His advise was in the form of a question:

“Can you control the weather”

It was a rhetorical question. But I could tell by his look it had deeper meaning. I understood there were things I needed to let go of; things beyond my control. It stuck with me.

Circle of Control

Then I discovered Stephen Covey’s Circle of Control Framework

As a visual person, this helped me visualise where my worries, or concerns, fit into my life and whether I could do anything about them.

The Circle of Control consists of 3 layers.

  1. Outer Layer: Circle of Concern — These are things that may concern you in life, but you have no control over. e.g ‘bad’ weather.
  2. Middle Layer: Circle of Influence — The middle layer is the circle of influence. Things you are concerned about but can so something about e.g. climate change.
  3. Core: Circle of Control — is everything within your control, my thoughts, words, actions, reactions, decisions, choices, mindset etc.

So think about this next time you are worried about something. What can, if anything, can you do about it? Are you going to let the rain stop you?

Or are you going to wear the right clothes.

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