I Worked as a Brand Designer for many Years. Here are 9 key Steps to Creating a Great Logo for Anyone Starting out in Design

I studied design and worked as a designer for many years. Based on my experience, I share 9 steps to take when creating a logo. This is for anyone considering starting out in brand design, or anyone interested in improving their game!

[1] Do your Research

Research first, always! Speak with the client and listen to their story. Understand who their competitors are. You will gain insights that help them stand out.

[2] Sketch Ideas

Grab your pen and paper and sketch as many rough ideas as possible to quickly see what could work.

[3] Take a Break!

An important, often forgotten, part of the creative process. Sometimes the best ideas or solutions come to us when we are not focusing so hard on the task. Go for a walk, have a shower or just sleep on it. You may just come back with fresh inspiration!

[4] Digitalise in Black First

Import potential options into Illustrator to refine but always start with black. Any good logo should work and be recognisable in black.

[5] Add Colour — No More than 3!

A logo should have no more than 3 colours and should be recognisable when in colour, in black or in reverse (e.g. white on a dark background).

[6] Less is More

Choose to convey one story or idea in the logo that represents the company. Do not overcomplicate the logo. The best logos are simple — think Apple, Nike etc.

[7] Scale Test

Today logos need to work harder than ever to work across multiple touchpoints and media. Test options at different sizes and formats to ensure it is recognisable and legible.

[8] Mock up for Context

How does the logo work in application? How will it be used on social media, print material, uniforms, livery or other merchandise? Mock up whatever is applicable to the business to place it in context.

[9] Pitch

Prepare your pitch back to the client. Make sure to share the process of how you arrived at the idea through the steps above.

Final takeaway

Remember a logo is just the identifier for a company, it is not the entire brand. Keep it simple and recognisable. First impressions matter.

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