The Importance of Belonging and WHY it Matters More than the Result

Last night I went to see my local football team, Sligo Rovers, play.

I’ve followed Sligo Rovers from afar over the years but had little chance to attend a game. The occasional one perhaps.

As a kid and teenager I would go with my Dad most Saturdays to the Showgrounds. I remember when they installed floodlights and games moved to evenings for the first time. We’d walk there on dark winter nights wrapped up well to keep warm!

Almost 30 years on, my Dad and I set off for the Showgrounds once again. Well wrapped up, once again! Sligo Rovers have made a good start to the season, so the 2,600+ crowd was in good voice. Multiple generations of supporters, from lifelong fans to new younger fans, were there to cheer their team on. All this added to the sense of occasion; the sense of community; the sense of belonging.

My Tribe

I felt like that kid again. I was transported back in time.

This is just one of the reasons I moved home last year. For moments like this on a random Monday night.

This is home; my Tribe; where I belong.

The Importance of Belonging

A sense of belonging is a human need. It can be to a place, a community, a club or company. It’s powerful for companies and leaders to understand this.

In his Start With WHY TED Talk, and book of the same name, Simon Sinek suggests people don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it. The WHY is the connected purpose, cause or belief — the very reason an organisation exists.

“When a company has a strong WHY, it inspires confidence in its customers, clients, employees and supporters, all of whom cheer you on in your cause”


“When a single division starts to think, act and communicate based on its WHY, good things happen: performance tends to improve, innovation tends to rise, employee turnover tends to decline.

- Simon Sinek

More Than Just the Result

What we do is just the result.

Sligo Rovers won the match 3–1. But last night was more than just the result.

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